During the 1950s, Sam Savitt frequently illustrated the covers of iconic western-themed comic books. Little of the original artwork used for those covers survives. This is one of the rare examples. The right half of this watercolor, whose entire image measures 13 by 19 inches, would have been the front cover. (That’s why the signature appears in the center. ) The left side of the painting was the back cover. Price: $2,125.

This 8-by-10-inch rough sketch of an Arab soldier on horseback was done in preparation for a more finished product that appeared in a magazine article. This watercolor sketch is basically impressionist, but the subject matter is quite clear. Price: $325.

On the day the Kentucky Horse Park opened in 1978, Sam Savitt completed this picture of a statue at the park’s grounds commemorating Man O-War, one of the greatest racehorses of all time. This mixed-media piece, which blends pencil and watercolor, measures 11 by 15 inches. Price: $475.

This 9 by 12 inch drawing was drawn early in Sam Savitt’s career when he visited a friend’s stable in 1951 with a pencil and sketch pad in hand. As always, he proved his skill at reproducing a horse from any angle. Price: $325.

This drawing at a friend’s stable in 1951 is a great example of Sam Savitt’s skill at capturing what he saw with a pencil and a sketch pad. The drawing measures 9 by 12 inches. Price: $325.

This unusual piece comprised the front and back cover of a book entitled “How to Take Care of Your Horse Until the Vet Comes.” Sam Savitt co-wrote the book with Herb Marlin. This large watercolor measures 16 by 22 inches. Price: $1,650.

Wild horses were always very interesting to Sam Savitt and he often painted this subject. This painting in gouache is a great example. He flicked tiny drops of paint against the horses to simulate flying dirt with great effect. Held inside a mat measuring 15 by 20 inches, the image is 9 by 15 inches. Price: $1,650.

This large oil painting seems to tell a story of rider somewhere in the Middle East trying to escape on horseback. Painted on a canvas board, ths painting measures 15 by 20 inches. It does not contain a mat or frame. Price: $1,800.

This well-defined sketch of a horse being loaded into a trailer has slight damage — a ripple and slight tear in the lower right-hand corner. But it’s pretty minor stuff. The drawing measures 13.5 by 16.5 inches. Price $325.

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