The drawing in black ink shows a rider sailing towards earth after having been tossed by a horse he was trying to break.  This drawing on paper measures 14 by 10 inches and has neither a frame nor a mat.  Price: $1,050.

This imaginative watercolor, done completely in shades of gray (and some white), is an exuberant demonstration of Sam Savitt’s pure focus on horses. Measuring 10 by 10 inches, this painting is on a light cardboard stock and has no mat or frame. Price: $1,075.

The mare and foal was a classic Sam Savitt theme.  This small image is very precisely drawn in ink and was widely reproduced. It is drawn on paper and measures 7 by 11 inches. There is no mat or frame. Price: SOLD

This pleasing rendition of horses galloping across a field is all the more effective because of its straightforward simplicity in black and white watercolor. This piece from the 1980s is unframed and measures 16 by 20 inches. Price: $1,750.

The horse got away from a rider who’s just now getting him back. This pencil drawing is in a mat measuring 11 by 14 inches. Price: $475.

This lovely warmly colored watercolor painting of three horses in a pasture is in a white mat (with slight imperfections) and dark green inset, measuring 15 by 16 inches. Price: $1,175.

This is one of a series of drawings of specific horses being shown in a catalog for the 1974 Saratoga yearling sales. This drawing is enclosed in a simple black frame and basic white mat, measuring 12 by 16 inches. (Copy of catalog page would be provided with artwork.) Price: $375

This drawing, which appears in “The Equestrian Olympic Sketchbook” (plate 43), describes the busy scene of a local market 35 miles from Mexico City during the 1968 Summer Olympics. This drawing is on paper, measuring 13 by 17 inches. Price: $1,175.

This rough pencil sketch is simply a snapshot of a horse being loaded on a trailer. It measures 13 by 16 inches. Price: $275.

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