The mare and foal was a classic Sam Savitt theme.  This small image is very precisely drawn in ink and was widely reproduced. It is drawn on paper and measures 7 by 11 inches. There is no mat or frame. Price: SOLD

This pleasing rendition of horses galloping across a field is all the more effective because of its straightforward simplicity in black and white watercolor. This piece from the 1980s is unframed and measures 16 by 20 inches. Price: $1,750.

The horse got away from a rider who’s just now getting him back. This pencil drawing is in a mat measuring 11 by 14 inches. Price: $475.

This lovely warmly colored watercolor painting of three horses in a pasture is in a white mat (with slight imperfections) and dark green inset, measuring 15 by 16 inches. Price: $1,175.

This is one of a series of drawings of specific horses being shown in a catalog for the 1974 Saratoga yearling sales. This drawing is enclosed in a simple black frame and basic white mat, measuring 12 by 16 inches. (Copy of catalog page would be provided with artwork.) Price: $375

This drawing, which appears in “The Equestrian Olympic Sketchbook” (plate 43), describes the busy scene of a local market 35 miles from Mexico City during the 1968 Summer Olympics. This drawing is on paper, measuring 13 by 17 inches. Price: $1,175.

This rough pencil sketch is simply a snapshot of a horse being loaded on a trailer. It measures 13 by 16 inches. Price: $275.

This portrait of a bay horse is a watercolor painted on brown paper with a very subtle blueish texture. Including a dark brown mat, this is a large piece, measuring 18 by 20 inches. Price: $1,550.

A Sam Savitt study (rough draft) for a portrait was as detailed as many other artists’ finished works. This watercolor is a case in point. It measures 21 by 24 inches. Price: $1,500.

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