This watercolor drawing captures a relaxed rural scene. This picture is frame and measures 12 by 16 inches.  Price: $950.

This charming mare and foal drawing has been widely sold as a print, but this is the original. An 11 by 14 inch mat holds artwork, which is drawn on heavy paper. Price: $1,600.

This rural scene in watercolor, which exemplifies Savitt’s talents and techniques, measures 24 by 30 inches. It has a tan mat and plain varnished wood frame. Price $1,995.

Sam Savitt frequently gave talks before a live audience, drawing on flip charts as he spoke. After the talks, drawings were often discarded, but this one from 1989 survives. The medium is crayon and it measures 24 by 36 inches. Price: $650

This vibrant watercolor of a black horse in a pasture is mounted in a white mat and is shrink-wrapped for protection. It measures 16 by 16 inches. Price: $1,500.

This small, charming watercolor is mounted in a dark brown wood frame under glass with a wide tan mat and light green inset, measuring 17 by 14 inches. Price: $575.

This pencil drawing was reproduced in “The Equestrian Olympic Sketchbook” (plate 19) by Sam Savitt. The horse being readied for competition is Snowbound, the U.S. Individual Grand Prix Gold Medal Winner. The drawing is mounted in a dark blue mat and measures 18 by 20 inches. Price: $1,275.

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