The frantic action of a polo match is effectively conveyed in this watercolor painting, which is held in a sky-blue mat and measures 16 by 20 inches. Price: $1,800.

From the book “Dingle Ridge Fox and Other Stories” (pg 66) the story called “Paragon” shows a jump badly taken. This is a watercolor on paper, measuring 12 inches square. Price: $475.

This is a nice example of the quick fluid strokes which typified many Savitt illustrations. Completed in 1972, this watercolor was applied to a board measuring 12 by 18 inches. Price: $975.

A steeplechase course is pretty tough, especially when you ride at close quarters with other competitors as depicted in this high-energy gouache  painting. Measuring 10 by 15 inches, this painting is not framed or matted. Price: $1,175.

With an economy of strokes, this painting in gouache nicely conveys the dynamic changes of a fox hunt. This piece has a handsome wood frame with white mat and light brown inset measuring 18 by 18 inches. Price: $1,975.

This 1982 watercolor focuses on a nameless competitor in event riding — a combination of dressage, cross-country and jumping. This artwork is framed and measures 22 by 22 inches. Price: $1,550.

The pageantry of horse racing includes an escort for each horse. That moment is captured in this watercolor. The paint was applied to brown paper affixed to cardboard, enclosed in a gray mat, which  measures 18 by 24 inches. Price: $1,050.

This exceptional pen and ink drawing is a powerful rendition of the final stretch in a horse race. Shown on heavy paper, this tightly drawn piece measures 8 by 10 inches and it was completed in 1959. There is no frame or mat. Price:  $1,475.

This large, exquisite oil painting on fox hunting captures a moment of hot pursuit. This painting is on a board measuring 20 by 25 inches and is nether framed nor matted. Price: $3,950.

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