This 10 by 14 inch drawing was done for either a book or magazine article. Most of the publisher’s notes in the margins have been taken away. The detail in this pencil drawing is extremely rich and well-preserved even though it is probably at least 30 to 40 years old. Price: $950.

This painting (offered by a third party) is one of a portfolio of  eight highly refined paintings of thoroughbred horses from 1955. We are unsure about the medium: It is probably casein or gouche. The frame measures 21 by 25 inches. Price: $2,000.

This watercolor is a snapshot of a horse picking up speed in the final stretch of a racetrack. Measuring 14 by 18 inches, this painting has a lovely gilt-edge frame with white mat and brown inset. Price: SOLD

The drawing in black ink shows a rider sailing towards earth after having been tossed by a horse he was trying to break.  This drawing on paper measures 14 by 10 inches and has neither a frame nor a mat.  Price: $1,050.

This drawing of a rodeo rider at the first few moments of his ride shows how a simple pencil — in the right hands — can convey the extraordinary raw power of a bucking horse. This drawing on paper, unframed and unmatted, measures 11 by 12 inches. Price: SOLD

This is the original study for poster created in 1972 for the Pinto Horse Association of America.  It is painted in gouache and contained in a simple white mat, which measures 14 by  20 inches. Price: $950. (SOLD)

This detailed pencil drawing was no doubt the sketch that preceded a painting about fox hunting. This large and exciting rendering measures 19 by 26 inches on paper affixed to Styrofoam poster board and it is slightly dulled by age. Price $975.

Although unsigned, the authenticity of this watercolor is not in doubt: It appears on page 55 of a book entitled “The Horses of San Simeon,” written by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst in 1985. This view of California in the 1800’s, was painted on a board and measures 11 by 14 inches. Price: $1,000.

This whimsical ink drawing was originally illustrated for the 1965 book “Christy Finds a Rider,” by Elizabeth Harrover Johnson. The drawing measures 6 by 8 inches and is contained in a simple white mat. Price: SOLD

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