Completed during the last decade of his life, Sam Savitt depicts the inherent loneliness of the Pony Express rider in this expansive oil painting (42 by 30 inches). While the Pony Express mail delivery service lasted only 18 months (1860-61), it is ingrained in the lore of the American West and represents the country’s first transcontinental communications system. This is the largest piece of artwork in our collection.

During the 1950s, Sam Savitt frequently illustrated the covers of iconic western-themed comic books. Little of the original artwork used for those covers survives. This is one of the rare examples. The right half of this watercolor, whose entire image measures 13 by 19 inches, would have been the front cover. (That’s why the signature appears in the center. ) The left side of the painting was the back cover. Price: $2,125.

A fine example of Sam Savitt’s famed rodeo paintings, this work is framed under glass and measures 17 by 19 inches. The medium is either watercolor or gouache. Price: $2,450.

Painted in gouache, this piece was completed in 1996 near the end of Sam Savitt’s career. This energetic depiction of a rodeo rider is framed under glass and measures 20 by 23 inches. Price: $2,875.

Wild horses were always very interesting to Sam Savitt and he often painted this subject. This painting in gouache is a great example. He flicked tiny drops of paint against the horses to simulate flying dirt with great effect. Held inside a mat measuring 15 by 20 inches, the image is 9 by 15 inches. Price: $1,650.

This pencil drawing, which measures 14 inches square, is a rough sketch executed on light paper, which has been affixed to foam board. I rate the condition of the drawing as “fair,” but it is a very good representation of Sam Savitt’s ability to capture the horse in motion. The words at the bottom of the page, “bareback bronc” are his notes. Price: $450.

The drawing in black ink shows a rider sailing towards earth after having been tossed by a horse he was trying to break.  This drawing on paper measures 14 by 10 inches and has neither a frame nor a mat.  Price: $1,050.

Although unsigned, the authenticity of this watercolor is not in doubt: It appears on page 55 of a book entitled “The Horses of San Simeon,” written by Mrs. William Randolph Hearst in 1985. This view of California in the 1800’s, was painted on a board and measures 11 by 14 inches. Price: $1,000.

Completed in 1945, this is the oldest Savitt horse drawing in our possession. This little sketch — done with a ball-point pen — showcased his remarkable skill as a 28-year-old artist working with an inflexible medium, which did not allow room for error. Not for sale.

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