Domination of the herd

Sam Savitt often painted wild horses and sometimes they were fighting for domination of the herd. This dramatic high-action watercolor is already fully framed and measures 20 by 17 inches. Price $1,275, plus shipping (but not insurance)

Sam Savitt horse information charts are well known in the United States. One of them focuses on horses used in the West. This painting in gouache was a first draft for that chart. (The final version added more horses.) This unique piece of artwork, which leaves space for text, measures 18 by 24 inches and was produced on a stiff, heavy cardboard.

The Kellogg Arabian ranch in California was the scene of this exquisite drawing, which measures 10 by 14 inches. Rendered in pencil, this drawing truly showcases Sam Savitt’s enormous skill at creating live action with the simplest of mediums.

Sam Savitt had a long-running interest in the wild horses of the western U.S. This rough, which measures 9 by 15 inches, employs warm gouache colors to suggest summer heat in the Great Plains. The painting is enclosed in a mat for protection.

Horse and rider are taking a bad fall in this scene from a rodeo. The drawing, completed in 1961, was rendered in black ink. Yet despite the passing of six decades, it remains in excellent condition and as vibrant as ever. Held in a mat board, the image measures 8 by 11 inches.

This quick sketch underscores the talent of a gifted artist to capture a moment in a contest known as barrel racing — an obstacle course run on horseback. This is a rough drawing that effectively highlights the energy of the event. This pencil drawing on light-weight paper measures 14 by 16 inches with no mat.

During his career, Sam Savitt illustrated nearly 150 books. This dramatic, high-energy rodeo scene was for one of them and includes both publisher’s marks and corrections by the artist. Drawn in black ink, this drawing on medium-weight paper measures 11 by 15 inches. It has no mat.

This watercolor is classic Savitt — a relatively simple treatment that displays rodeo riding with energy and accuracy. This artwork measures 14 by 14 inches on a very paper stock (perhaps light cardboard). It has no mat or frame.

Since the 1950s, Sam Savitt frequently illustrated the covers of books, more than 130 by other authors, plus 15 of his own. The right half of this watercolor, whose entire image measures 13 by 19 inches, would have been the front cover. (That’s why the signature appears in the center. ) The left side of the painting was the back cover.

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