The signature line indicates that this sketch with colored pencils was done in 1966. This simplest of drawings that captures the act of a woman saddling a horse measures 13 by 17 inches on plain paper. Price $250.

Completed in 1963, this two-tone pencil drawing is a charming rendition of a girl on a draft horse. This drawing is on paper that measures 16 by 13 inches and considering its age, it is in excellent condition. Price: $325.

This pleasing and simple drawing shows Savitt’s talent for rendering the horse from an angle that would be difficult for many artists. This original drawing on paper measures 7 by 9 inches. Price: $275.

This original portrait of a horse in full riding gear shows off Sam Savitt’s skill at rendering perfectly proportioned likenesses of the horse. This drawing on paper that measures 13 by 16 inches was probably completed in the 1960s. Price $300.

In the hands of a master illustrator like Sam Savitt, the simplest of sketches can bring life to their subject. This drawing with colored pencil on paper measures 10 by 13 inches. Price: $300.

Using just two colored pencils, this drawing brings added definition to a simple drawing of a horse standing in a field. It is on 10 by 14 inch paper with no mat or frame. Price: $425.

3 on a ball

This action-packed image captures the excitement of polo matches. The painting consists of black and white watercolor on paper. And the image measures 9 by 9 inches and it is in a frame measuring 14 by 20 inches.

The excitement of two polo players closing in on the ball is effectively and creatively captured in this splendid black and white watercolor. This painting is contained in an 8 by 10 inch frame.

Sam Savitt horse information charts are well known in the United States. One of them focuses on horses used in the West. This painting in gouache was a first draft for that chart. (The final version added more horses.) This unique piece of artwork, which leaves space for text, measures 18 by 24 inches and was produced on a stiff, heavy cardboard.

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