Painted in gouache, this piece was completed in 1996 near the end of Sam Savitt’s career. This energetic depiction of a rodeo rider is framed under glass and measures 20 by 23 inches. Price: $2,875.

Wild horses were always very interesting to Sam Savitt and he often painted this subject. This painting in gouache is a great example. He flicked tiny drops of paint against the horses to simulate flying dirt with great effect. Held inside a mat measuring 15 by 20 inches, the image is 9 by 15 inches. Price: $1,650.

This pencil drawing, which measures 14 inches square, is a rough sketch executed on light paper, which has been affixed to foam board. I rate the condition of the drawing as “fair,” but it is a very good representation of Sam Savitt’s ability to capture the horse in motion. The words at the bottom of the page, “bareback bronc” are his notes. Price: $450.

The drawing in black ink shows a rider sailing towards earth after having been tossed by a horse he was trying to break.  This drawing on paper measures 14 by 10 inches and has neither a frame nor a mat.  Price: $1,050.

Completed in 1945, this is the oldest Savitt horse drawing in our possession. This little sketch — done with a ball-point pen — showcased his remarkable skill as a 28-year-old artist working with an inflexible medium, which did not allow room for error. Not for sale.

This watercolor painting, an illustration for a story, shows Indians rounding up cattle in the 1800s. This piece is in a tan mat with brown inset and measures 14 by 16 inches. Price $1,075.

Rodeo is a rough sport and that’s well demonstrated in this spirited watercolor. This is a framed painting, measuring 22 by 25 inches. Price: $2,975.

This tender scene of a mare and foal is in the far west where wild horses still roam. This is a framed watercolor painting, measuring 17 by 19 inches. Price: $2,100.

This gouache painting shows cowboys trying to catch a wild horse that might yet get away.  This piece, which measures 15 by 18 inches, is painted on heavy cardboard stock and is neither framed nor matted. Price: $2,075.

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