This little drawing in a black watercolor was an illustration for a book entitled “If You Want a Horse,” by Olga Hoyt, published in 1966. It captures a moment familiar to many horse owners. This artwork on heavy paper stock measures 7 by 9 inches and has no mat or frame. Price: SOLD

The simplicity of this sketch, done with a black pencil and a brown pencil, is an example of the spare style this artist used so effectively. Drawn on a sheet of paper, this image measures 11 by 14 inches. There is no mat or frame.  Price: $350.

The raw explosive power of a bucking horse is exquisitely detailed in this pencil drawing on paper, measuring 10 by 15 inches. Price: SOLD

As this gouache painting wonderfully demonstrates, rodeo has its share of showmanship. This painting on a board, completed in 1965, measures 15 by 18 inches and does not include a frame or mat. Price: SOLD

This charming little pencil drawing is contained in a black desk frame that measures 8 by 10 inches. Price: SOLD

This whimsical little watercolor — the logo art for this web site — is a great example of the spontaneous energy for which Savitt illustrations were known. This piece has a wooden frame and tan mat, measuring 10 by 12 inches. Price: SOLD

A fight between two wild stallions will establish leadership of the herd in this pencil drawing. This large and complex work was done on plain paper affixed to cardboard and measures 21 by 18 inches. (One note: The signature includes both first and last name — the only one like that we have.) Price: SOLD

This fluid drawing in colored pencil appeared in a book on rodeo and still has publishing instructions in the margins. Drawn on paper, it measures 13 by 17 inches.  Price: SOLD

This portrait in pencil from 1974 is a great example of the quick studies done in preparation for larger pieces. This drawing is in a beige mat measuring 16 by 20 inches.  Price: SOLD

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