Wild horses were always very interesting to Sam Savitt and he often painted this subject. This painting in gouache is a great example. He flicked tiny drops of paint against the horses to simulate flying dirt with great effect. Held inside a mat measuring 15 by 20 inches, the image is 9 by 15 inches. Price: $1,650.

This large oil painting seems to tell a story of rider somewhere in the Middle East trying to escape on horseback. Painted on a canvas board, ths painting measures 15 by 20 inches. It does not contain a mat or frame. Price: $1,800.

This little watercolor on paper, which measures 7 by 8 inches, is one of our smallest Savitt watercolor paintings. It is a simple but pleasing image and has no mat. Price: $500. (sold)

This pencil drawing, which measures 14 inches square, is a rough sketch executed on light paper, which has been affixed to foam board. I rate the condition of the drawing as “fair,” but it is a very good representation of Sam Savitt’s ability to capture the horse in motion. The words at the bottom of the page, “bareback bronc” are his notes. Price: $550.

This simple but graceful pencil drawing captures the mastery of equestrian form for which Sam Savitt was well known. Drawn on heavy stock paper, this piece measures 11 by 14 inches. There is slight damage to the top and bottom edges of the paper, but these are immaterial to the drawing itself. Price: $500. (sold)

This large bold pencil drawing is a nice representation of the horse in motion, which was a staple of Sam Savitt artwork. This piece measures 17 by 14 inches on heavy paper stock. Price $550.

This pencil drawing was very loosely (and perhaps quickly) drawn. Frequently, Mr. Savitt would do rough quick-study sketches that formed the basis of a more finished product later on. When on assignment, he would rarely take photos. This sketch measures 10.5 by 14 inches and has neither a mat nor frame. Price $300.

This well-defined sketch of a horse being loaded into a trailer has slight damage — a ripple and slight tear in the lower right-hand corner. But it’s pretty minor stuff. The drawing measures 13.5 by 16.5 inches. Price $325.

Included in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of UnTacked magazine, this is a limited-edition print, created in the 1980’s and signed by Sam Savitt at that time. While this web site normally sells only original art, this item is being offered because of the UnTacked article. It measures 25 by 18 inches.  Price: $90.

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