This unique piece of art was created to go on the top of a calendar. Space in the center has been provided for the year. The 38 horses in this artwork, drawn with black pen, has the unusual dimensions of 23 by 6 inches. (SOLD)

This small, fanciful piece of art is rendered in gouache with an array of colors that blends realism and abstract styles. The image measures 5 by 7 inches and it is contained inside a mat board. Price: (SOLD).

This uniquely powerful pencil drawing is an unusually close-up view of a rider taking a fence with the horse looking as though it could jump out of the picture. Framed and rendered on medium-weight paper, this image measures 14 by 17 inches.

Horse and rider are taking a bad fall in this scene from a rodeo. The drawing, completed in 1961, was rendered in black ink. Yet despite the passing of six decades, it remains in excellent condition and as vibrant as ever. Held in a mat board, the image measures 8 by 11 inches.

This quick sketch underscores the talent of a gifted artist to capture a moment in a contest known as barrel racing — an obstacle course run on horseback. This is a rough drawing that effectively highlights the energy of the event. This pencil drawing on light-weight paper measures 14 by 16 inches with no mat.

This interesting back view of a cowboy with a rope in hand ready to lasso a calf was an illustration for a 1967 magazine ad for Wrangler jeans. This detailed pencil drawing on paper measures 8 by 13 inches. (SOLD)

Sam Savitt frequently did multiple copies of the same scene, with each a little more detailed and with slight adjustments as he saw fit. This is the final version of a rider running a cross-country course. This drawing on medium-weight paper measures 13 by 17 inches. It has no mat.

A staple of Sam Savitt artwork were his drawings of mares and foals. This particular drawing was the last draft before the finalization of a drawing that was reproduced by the thousands in the 1970’s. This small, graceful pencil drawing measures 10 by 12 inches. It is produced on light-weight paper and does not have a mat.

This pencil drawing of a cross-country race calls out the danger inherent in such sports. The competitor taking a fence notes a fallen horse off to the side surrounded by doctors and the rider. This drawing on medium-weight paper measures 14 by 17 inches and does not have a mat.

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